At the end of the 2014 cricket season 6 friends with a love of cricket met to review the future of their involvement with the game.  Work and family commitments, fitness and to some, age, suggested that perhaps league cricket wasn’t the answer.  League cricket requiring a weekly commitment with more focus on results rather than out and out enjoyment seemed inappropriate, an alternative had to be found.

The start of the venture was to focus on ethos rather than on-field activities and to decide at the outset what we hoped to get out of the game in the coming years.  The answer was simply that whatever we decided to do must be based on enjoyment rather than expectation. 

The opportunity to engage with an established friendly cricket club was not available locally and so the decision was made to form a new club; the first in the Calder Valley for over 100 years.

It’s name- Little Valley Cricket Club. It’s simple guiding rules:

a.    To play cricket in the right spirit.

b.    To attract players regardless of experience or ability.

c.    To expect players to commit only to the number of games appropriate to the individual.

d.    To be a not-for-profit club, and;

e.    To play opposition with a similar ethos and whenever possible, to play them at attractive venues.  (Exceptional quality cricket teas and a bar were seen as a bonus).

Our principles are ones of fair play. Whilst organising our fixtures during the closed season we ensure that all games are to be played in the right sprit; helped a little by the awarding of some of our sponsors beers for the opposition Captain and Man of the Match.

LVCC continues to go from strength to strength.  Our away fixtures are not just confined to the West Yorkshire area and we play regularly against opposition in York, Scarborough and The Ribble Valley.

As with any form of cricket securing a full starting XI every week sometimes presents its challenges.  However, with a focus on closed season social activity as well as regular net sessions throughout the winter, interest in the club continues to rise. 

LVCC is here after all for one reason only…
for the love of the game, and long may that continue.